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Saffron Classics

Curry: Choice of Vegetables, Chicken, Beef or Lamb in our unique mild curry sauce. 
(Add Green Chili to the Chicken Curry)

Korma: Choice of Vegetables, Chicken, Beef or Lamb in a creamy onion sauce

Saag-Wala: Choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb blended with creamy spinach.

Chicken Tikka Masala: Marinated chicken in our special tomato cream sauce 
(substitute Paneer for additional $1.00)

Saag Paneer: Creamy spinach cooked with our fresh housemade cheese


Meat Entrees

Chili Chicken: Fresh battered chicken sautéed in a sweet soy chili sauce with bell peppers and onions

Coconut Chicken Curry: Chicken and potatoes in a coconut onion sauce

Tandoori Chicken: Dark meat chicken marinated and cooked in a clay oven

Chicken Tikka Kabob: Marinated chicken breast cooked in a clay oven

Meatball Curry: Beef and Chicken meatballs with bell peppers and onions in a curry sauce


Vegetable Entrees

Mushroom Mattar: Mushrooms, peas, and onions in a curry sauce

Crispy Cabbage:  Roasted cabbage with Indian spices

Aloo Gobi: Potatoes and Cauliflower mixed with spices

Dal: Yellow lentil soup with tomatoes and onions

Chana Masala: Slow-cooked garbanzo beans in a mild curry sauce

Coconut Vegetable Curry: Vegetables blended in a coconut sauce

Bhindi Masala: Sauteed okra with Indian flavors



Gulab Jamun: Dumplings soaked in a sweet cardamom cinnamon syrup

Kheer: Rice Pudding

Mango Custard: Sweet custard with a mango flavor


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